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“Let P&P Credit Services be your gateway to the future.” – Karen Phieler, Owner

19 years of combined experience in the Credit Repair industry.

P&P customizes our services to meet your individual needs. We will work with you through each step of the process and will communicate clearly our progress and the remaining steps of the plan.

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About P&P Credit Services

Our Credentials

19 years of combined experience in the Credit Repair Industry.
Automation Technology provides real time progress and status.
Bonded and Licensed in each state of operation.
Operate within the Guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission and the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Value Proposition

Improved Credit Scores can assist the Client with mortgage loan approval and rates, credit card rates, employment opportunities and insurance rates.
Credit Scores Can Be Raised by disputing and removing line items on the Client’s credit report that are reported incorrectly, not verifiable or outdated.
No Upfront Payment is made before work is done.

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P&P Credit Services will work to help you meet your credit goals. Credit affects every part of your life. Something as simple as obtaining a credit card or as complex as getting the job you desire can be influenced by your credit score.

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19 Years of Combined Experience

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