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Our mission is to help you get your GOOD NAME back through CREDIT REPAIR and EDUCATION.

With over 20 years of experience our biggest accomplishment is knowing our services have made an impact in thousands of people’s lives. Our clients have been able to achieve their financial goals and much more.

Our program is designed to help you gain your peace of mind back! By allowing our team of Credit professionals to assist you on the road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM by giving you leverage through your CREDIT. We are dedicated to supplying you with the necessary tools and resources to make this a seamless journey.

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's about what you inspire others to do.

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James I Browne | Co-Owner | Sr. Credit Specialist
Suzie Ruiz | Co-Owner | Bilingual Credit Specialist

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Ms. Suzie was very patient with me. ALWAYS answering any questions I had. Because of this program I feel accomplished with my credit worthiness! If you are looking to improve your credit power. I finally got my Amex actually 2! That I have dreamed about for years! I strongly recommend P&P Credit Services!SUZIE!!! Thank you so much again! 🙂
AnToine Clink
AnToine Clink
22:16 23 Sep 21
James and Susie have been awesome. I've thoroughly enjoyed this process with them. There is no one out here doing what they do! If you truly want results go with James & Susie!
S. Hill
S. Hill
16:34 03 Jun 21
James with P&P Credit offers outstanding services, His professionalism and knowledge is impeccable. He listens to to the need of the client and works diligently to help them achieve their credit goals. If you want to have someone of integrity and value assist with your credit profile, contact James because he gets it done professionally! FIVE STAR STATUS!!!!
Elmira Gayten
Elmira Gayten
19:16 10 Mar 21
When I was originally introduced to the P&P team, I was embarrassed to engage in CREDIT CONVO. My scores were in the low 500’s. I was irresponsible with paying my bills and really understanding the power of our ADULT REPORT CARD. 😊 Now...a little less than a year later, I’ve been able to buy a NEW HOME! We close in just 3 1/2 weeks! My very first home! I understand the importance of monitoring my credit, making good financial decisions and not being afraid to ask questions (to ensure I understand). I have two teenage girls & they will NEVER have to go through what I did. They’ll be better. They’ll be knowledgeable. They’ll be successful!Thank you P&P ! Thanks Suzie & Mr Brown. The SKY’S the LIMIT!
03:07 12 Feb 21
When your credit score increases by 104 points, I would have to say that the process works miracles. I started off in the low 600's and now I can't seem to get the credit card companies to stop sending me credit card offers every month. It's nice to see the mail, but P&P Credit Services also teaches you what to do and what NOT to do! They are always available via phone or email and the site to check your status breaks everything down so you can see exactly what is being done. Are they affordable...YES!! Was it worth it...YES!!
Kimberly Bowie
Kimberly Bowie
16:28 29 Sep 20