Refund Policy

If all of the obligations noted in “Client Responsibilities” and in the remainder of agreement, are satisfied: (a) The Client sent written notification of cancellation to the offices of P&P CREDIT SERVICES, LLC and they were received at said offices, (b) The Client complied with all of the obligations listed under their agreement, (c) P&P CREDIT SERVICES, LLC failed in a material respect to provide the Client with the services that were agreed upon by P&P CREDIT SERVICES,LLC and the Client. If the conditions to a refund are satisfied, P&P CREDIT SERVICES, LLC will return all agreed upon fees, only for the prior 30 days, to the Client within 30 days after the Client’s written request to terminate services with P&P CREDIT SERVICES, LLC, along with valid explanation of refund request. (First Work Fee is non-refundable)